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Vicente Fox, Mexico’s ex-president offers to train police with help of U.S. sheriff

Mexico’s ex-president, Vicente Fox, offered police training services to the federal Secretariat of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública –SSP) under the guidance of a U.S. sheriff. He announced that Sheriff Lee Baca will be going to Mexico on August 10 and sharing his experiences with police agents and chiefs from Guanajuato and neighboring states at the Fox Center in a conference titled “For a secure Mexico, crime, drugs, drug-trafficking, gangs and vandalism.” Fox also mentioned that he has maintained contact with the federal SSP in order to implement an “intense capacitating and training [program] through the Fox Center and The Pacific Institute (TPI).”

The former president noted that Lee Baca has served eighteen years with the Los Angeles police force and gave a conference on drug-trafficking, gangs, and vandalism. However, according to the online news source La Jornada, Baca has also been criticized for proposing a half-percent sales tax increase in order to place friends on payroll and for being lenient with celebrities.


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