Crime and Violence

Six bodies found in a stolen vehicle make known the presence of a new drug cartel calling themselves the “Sierra Cartel”

The bodies of six individuals were found this morning in Guerrero. A new drug cartel organization going by the name “Cártel de la sierra” (Sierra Cartel) took responsibility for the murders. A note left behind read, “this is going to happen to all the rapists, extortionists and kidnappers, attentively: the new sierra cartel.” The note and bodies were found inside of an abandoned vehicle two blocks from city hall in the capital of Guerrero.

The owner of the car told authorities that he was intercepted by an armed commando that stole the vehicle on the Sol highway. His car was found at five in the morning, two hours after it was stolen when authorities received an anonymous emergency phone call informing them that there was a vehicle with dead bodies on Miguel Alemán Avenue. Five of the bodies were bound with tape; the other was inside a plastic bag.


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