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A cell group of The Michoacán Family was captured

Six members of the The Michoacán Family (La Familia Michoacana) cartel were captured without a confrontation in Valle de Juarez, Jalisco. Anonymous tips described the vehicles in which the men traveled in as well as the contents within them. Elements of the Secretary of Public Security (la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública – SSP) investigated the reports and were able to make the capture without an exchange of gunfire. Two of the three vehicles spotted were intercepted and captured successfully meanwhile the third managed to escape. The ages of the men range from 18 to 31 years old.

The six individuals are linked to a recent shootout with police on July 18th in Tizapán el Alto that left three officers injured and one dead. They are also reported to have executed the ex-director of the police in Zapotiltic this past Thursday, July 22nd. When captured, the group of criminals was heavily armed. Weapons seized include seven AK-47 rifles, four pistols, and nine grenades.


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