Our Mission

Justice in Mexico works to improve citizen security, strengthen the rule of law, and protect human rights in Mexico. We generate cutting edge research, promote informed dialogue, and work to find solutions to address these enormously complex issues. As a U.S.-based initiative, our program partners with key stakeholders, experts, and decision makers, lending international support to help analyze the challenges at hand, build consensus about how to resolve them, and foster policies and programs that can bring about change.

Our Vision

We envision a more secure, just, and peaceful future for Mexico. This vision often demands a long time horizon and modest expectations, but we believe that we must work now to understand the challenges Mexico faces, build an informed consensus about how to resolve them, and push constantly for better policy measures and outcomes.

How We Make A Difference

Finding the Answers: Through careful research, rigorous data gathering, and impartial analysis, Justice in Mexico serves as a reliable and authoritative source to help inform and shape the public’s understanding of major challenges. Our research focuses on understanding the trends and challenges related to crime and violence, police and judicial reform, and the basic rights of citizens under the law. We produce detailed studies of crime and violence, cutting edge surveys of police and judicial system operatives, and reports on human rights issues in Mexico. Based on this research, we generate monthly briefings, special reports, books, and other publications, as well as datasets that are widely cited by other researchers and analysts.

Promoting Dialogue: The Justice in Mexico team helps to promote dialogue, inform the public, and build consensus on policy issues. We host occasional public programs and disseminate our publications and public commentary through leading media outlets, including Al Jazeera, the BBC, the Associated Press, the Christian Science Monitor, CCTV, CNN, Reuters, the Huffington Post, the National Catholic Reporter, and NPR, among others. We also work closely with leading Mexican and international, governmental, and civic initiatives (such as the World Justice Project, the Institute for Economics and Peace, the Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center, the Instituto para Seguridad y Democracia, and México Evalúa) to advance our common goals.

Informing Policy: Justice in Mexico helps find the answers to complex questions, such as: how to reduce crime and violence, how to increase the integrity of the criminal justice system, and how to bolster the mechanisms for due process and fair treatment under the law? As a result, the work of Justice in Mexico widely disseminated, well-respected, and frequently sought-after by those who have the power to make change. Our research is widely cited as a basis for informing policy decisions in both the United States and Mexico. Justice in Mexico is also regularly invited to share its findings and recommendations with key international, U.S., and Mexican agencies, such as the United Nations, the World Bank, the Mexican Interior Ministry, the state government of Baja California, and the U.S. Congress.

How We Measure Our Impact

As an organization dedicated to rigorous analysis we are committed to carefully evaluating our own impact, critically evaluating our own weaknesses and limitations, and identifying ways to make the strongest possible contribution to our cause.