Building Resilient Communities in Mexico (2014)

Building Resilient Communities in Mexico: Civic Responses to Crime and Violence, offers concrete policy options for government leaders in Mexico and the United States to build on current civic

La reforma al sistema de justicia penal en México (2012)

This monograph contributes to the study of recent changes to the justice system in Mexico through an analysis of relevant constitutional provisions in the reform process, the state implementation

Shared Responsibility: U.S.-Mexico Policy Options for Confronting Organized Crime (2010)

This publication examines specific challenges for security cooperation between the United States and Mexico including efforts to address the consumption of narcotics, money laundering, arms

Justiciabarómetro: Estudio de la policia municipal preventiva de la Zona Metropolitana de Guadalajara (2010)

This monograph is part of one of the most important debates of modern Mexico: how police should be reformed to better address the serious problems of public insecurity. The authors …

Police and Public Security in Mexico (2009)

This monograph brings together the works of nine exceptional scholars who present timely analysis of questions about the course of Mexican public security and the prospects for strengthening the rule

Evaluating Accountability and Transparency in Mexico. National, Local, and Comparative Perspectives (2007)

This monograph includes works covering a wide range of topics relating to Mexico’s justice system: effective enforcement of the law, government adherence to the law, and access to justice through

Reforming the Administration of Justice in Mexico (2007)

This important collection of essays on the Mexican criminal justice system features the works of several Justice in Mexico Project collaborators, including David A. Shirk, Alejandra Ríos Cázares,