Oral Adversarial Skill-Building Immersion Seminar, OASIS es un programa de capacitación que tiene como objetivo proporcionar oportunidades para el intercambio de habilidades para el litigio oral para abogados litigantes, profesores de derecho y estudiantes en América Latina.

Justice in Mexico’s “Justiciabarómetro” research initiative is a systematic attempt to gauge the current levels of professional development and attitudes among actors currently operating throughout the Mexican justice system, including police, prosecutors, public defenders, and judges

Memoria is a highly innovative and versatile initiative that comprises social empowerment, crime reporting and dialogue amongst experts. It is also a strategy to centralize data, as well as identify and report victims of organized crime. Through anonymous reports, the project seeks to engage civil society and increase transparency of information in Mexico.

Over the past several years, Justice in Mexico has provided pro bono expert witness testimony for persons who are fleeing violence and persecution in Mexico and seeking relief in the United States. To assist individuals that have been targeted for persecution in Mexico, the Justice in Mexico program’s Testigo project provides access to informational resources, offers pro bono expert testimony, and helps to advocate for better policies to assist asylum seekers.