memoria Memoria is a highly innovative and versatile initiative that comprises social empowerment, crime reporting and dialogue amongst experts. It is also a strategy to centralize data, as well as identify and report victims of organized crime. Through anonymous reports, the project seeks to engage civil society and increase transparency of information in Mexico. The goal of this data gathering tool is to provide policy-makers an alternative solution to access reliable information, giving a solution for gaps in current government reports on Mexico’s crime situation. Memoria will also provide for informed reports and risk assessments, as well as give a realistic perspective of Mexico’s violence and crime situation. Through modern technologies, Memoria will be able to gather information from independent and official reports as well as receiving outside contributions ensuring the protection of identities and complete anonymity throughout the process. In 2016 Memoria interns and volunteers continued the collection of data on organized crime related deaths in Mexico. The project seeks to identify, report and geolocate crimes as well as memorialize all victims of violence and organized crime who often become only statistics with their cases rarely investigated. Currently, there is no project like this either in Mexico or the U.S. and Justice in Mexico is looking to create a tool that is impactful for both governments.