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Justice in Mexico Pro bono Witness Testimony Successful in Asylum Cases

11/07/2022 (written by jpadillanavarro) –Justice in Mexico recently provided pro bono expert witness testimony in two cases in which the petitioners were granted asylum in the United States. The cases involved a family of six from the state of Michoacan seeking asylum in the United States due to various forms of intimidation, threats, and attacks by organized crime groups. They reached out to law enforcement in Mexico, but the police suggested not pursuing charges. The cases were originally heard in June 2022, and October 2022. Dr. David Shirk testified in both cases that staying in Mexico would be a threat to their lives. 

Both cases were represented by City of Industry-based Immigration Law Attorney, Victor Nieblas. Mr. Nieblas testified that the asylum-seekers were entitled to asylum in the United States law because of the grave danger they would face if they remained in Mexico. With the help of Dr. Shirk’s expert testimony, the petitioners were granted asylum in both cases. 

In the above referenced matters, the presiding Immigration Magistrate relied heavily on Justice in Mexico’s testimony in reaching the decision to grant asylum. It is noteworthy that not only the Court but also, the government attorney found the direct testimony and the expert testimony credible. 

Justice in Mexico’s Testigo Project provides assistance to individuals seeking asylum, withholding of removal, and protection under the U.S. convention against torture. In recent years, Justice in Mexico has provided pro bono expert witness testimony in over 90 cases. These include a wide variety of cases involving civilians, police officers, former-military personnel, women fleeing domestic violence, and LGBTQ+ persons from Mexico.

Testigo offers various forms of assistance, such as pro bono expert witness testimony for respondents who have limited resources and are unable to pay for these services independently. Justice in Mexico staff and USD student volunteers compile critical information related to the respondent’s case and help prepare documents for final submission in their case. Drawing on Justice in Mexico’s research and other open source information, the Testigo team conducts extensive research on country conditions in Mexico in order to corroborate respondents’ testimony and help inform court decisions. 

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