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PAN leader asks Government to secure election in Oaxaca from corruption

The national leader of the Nation Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional—PAN), César Nava, solicited help from the Secretary of the Interior (Secretario de Gobernación), Fernando Gómez Mont, for the July 4th electoral process in Oaxaca. Nava asked that a protocol of “action by the police” be agreed upon and that state and municipal authorities work jointly with federal authorities finding ways to patrol the streets the day of the election without there being a single officer more than necessary. The petition was made because according to Nava, “experience tells that [the] state and municipal police is used as a political arm at the service of the [Institutional Revolutionary Party –PRI] and acts to suppress the votes of citizens.”

Nava demanded that by next July 4th elements from the State Preventative Police force “be quartered, or else with the pretext of patrolling they will become facilitators of getting voters for the PRI.” He also requested that the governor of Oaxaca, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, “cease the activities of his political police headed by Manuel Moreno Rivas….” According to La Jornada, Manuel Moreno Rivas is accused of kidnapping and violating Aurora López, ex-secretary of state transportation (ex secretaria de Transporte estatal). López affirmed that the intellectual author of the attack against her was Ulises Ruiz, while the police chief Manuel Moreno materialized it.

Offering his solidarity with López, Nava sustained that the assault suffered by López is a crime that cannot remain unpunished. “This is a sign of the regression and authoritarianism suffered by Oaxaca, (by part) of a man that wants to be maintained as chief through the PRI candidate,” he said. Meanwhile, Eviel Pérez Magaña, the Oaxacan candidate for governor for the PRI-PVEM alliance demanded that César Nava Vázquez avoid falling on the side of ridiculousness or profiting from the alleged kidnapping and violation suffered by Aurora López, noting that no one looks to Oaxaca when needed, such as for urging the development of the indigenous neighborhoods, building highways, and starting social works.

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