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Confrontation between authorities and presumed drug-dealers leaves 5 dead

A confrontation between Mexico’s army and an armed group of presumed drug-traffickers left a total of four drug-dealers and one soldier dead. Six other soldiers were injured as well, two of which are in critical condition. According to El Universal the confrontation began at six in the morning on Friday and lasted for three hours near the neighborhoods of Francisco I. Madero (known as Puga) and Los Sabinos in Nayarit, thirteen kilometers from the municipal of Tepic.

Fifteen firearms, two grenades, and six vehicles were seized and secured.  Soldiers of the 13th Military District of Tepic and marines from the 6th Naval District of San Blas, combed the area immediately after in search for more suspects. According to El Universal, six dead bodies and an armed convoy were reported in that same area during the week.


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