Justice in Mexico

Nephew of a former president of the PAN party is shot to death

08/12/10 – The nephew of Manuel Espino Barrientos, former president of the National Action Party (Partido Acción Nacional – PAN), was shot to death early Wednesday morning in Ciudad Juárez. Hugo Francisco Zamora Ochoa, 24, was shot five times as he walked away from a revenue collection module. When authorities arrived at the scene they found him dead next to his car.

Barrientos released a statement Wednesday night in which he acknowledged the incident and said that Ochoa was “a family member very much loved.” In that same statement, he asked Felipe Calderon to “correct” his current strategy in the ongoing war. Barrientos has long been a critic of Calderon’s decision to combat criminal organizations. In a message posted via Twitter, Barrientos said, “Our young people are victims of a war that is unjustified and absurd. It hurts not only the families but México.”


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