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The Secretary of the Interior calls for the creation of new reforms

The Secretary of the Interior (Secretario de Gobernación), Fernando Gómez Mont, called upon the political class and the citizens of Mexico, as a whole, to create a new national security project that allows for the revision and correction of the current anti-crime strategy. In a conference he stated that it is impossible to specify which institutions need to be preserved, which ones need to be constructed, modernized, abolished, and created.

Among the security needs listed by Gómez Mont was the creation of concrete police positions, giving the judiciary real autonomy, discussing national security law, and approving the necessary reforms to effectively combat money laundering, smuggling, piracy, extortion, kidnapping, and trafficking. He also spoke about the need for fiscal reforms that strengthen the capacities of the State.

Mont stated that President Felipe Calderón instructed the Interior Ministry the task of facilitating communication between the various political actors, citizens and economic and social leaders of the country as a means to start the new dialogue that the President convened last week after the execution of PRI candidate Rodolfo Torre Cantú.

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