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Seven members of the Familia Michoacana are captured

An operation in the state Guanajuato led to the arrest of seven members of the Familia (La Familia Michoacana) cartel. The group of seven is accused of performing at least eight kidnappings and four homicides. The arrests were made in the cities of Irapuato, Silao, and Cuerámaro.

It all began when the Special Unit for Combating the Crime of Kidnapping (Unidad Especializada en el Combate al Delito de Secuestro) of the state detained Héctor Luís “el Pelón” Briseño Bernal, leader of the group, as he was leaving a home.

Jaime Rodríguez “el Tyson” López, Gustavo Gómez  “Germán” Ocampos, and Michel Eduardo Briseño Bernal were all captured moments later as they waited for Héctor Bernal around the corner.

Later that day, elements of the Reaction and Intervention Group (Grupo de Reacción e Intervención – GERI) captured Sergio Amado “el Ronco” Martínez Ortis in another safe house. Sergio Ortis is an ex-police officer from the state of Michoacan. José Almanza “el Panadero” González and Marco Becerra “el Sapo” Morales were also taken into custody.

Throughout the whole operation six safe houses were discovered. The corpse of a dead woman, counterfeit money, and false documents were among the things found while searching the safe houses. The woman appears to be the daughter of a businessman in Irapuato. She had been held captive for at least one month before being found.


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