Justice in Mexico

Three bodies were found hanging by the neck in Morelos

At around 4:30am local time, three men were found hanging from around the neck at two different bridges in Cuernavaca, Morelos. The bodies showed signs of torture. Investigators believe that at least one man was shot at the same location of the hanging. A message was left near both of the scenes that indicated the men were a part of the six that recently escaped from the National Centre for Social Rehabilitation (Estatal de Readaptación Social – CERESO) prison in Atlacholoaya.

Cartel Pacífico Sur (Cártel del Pacífico Sur – CPS) claimed responsibility for these hangings. They claim to dedicate themselves to “cleaning” society of delinquents. The three men killed are believed to have been a part of Edgar Valdez “La Barbie” Villarreal’s crime group. According to the messages left, the names of the three men are José Santos, Héctor Díaz Peña, and Jaime Cruz Cuevas.

José Santos was in prison for kidnappings. Both Héctor Peña and Jaime Cuevas were serving time for homicide. The location of the other three detainees is still unknown.


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