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15 Suspected cartel members are killed in shoot-out

A battle against suspected Los Zetas members lasted more than 5 hours (Photo Credit: AFP).

07/03/11 – This past Friday July 1, in a battle that lasted more than 5 hours in northern Mexico, 15 suspected Los Zetas cartel members were killed and 6 Mexican marines wounded.  The incident occurred in the small town of San José de Lourdes located in the state of Zacatecas.  The gunmen were allegedly hiding inside a safe house and began firing when they first spotted marines patrolling the area.  A variety of weapons and ammunition were recovered and confiscated at the scene.

Zacatecas has recently experienced violence due to the rivalry between Los Zetas and the Sinaloa cartel as they vie for control over drug trafficking routes. However, reports indicate that Los Zetas have a well-known presence in the town where the battle took place.


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