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20 die in apparent drug-trafficking related turf war attack in Monterrey nightclub

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07/09/11 — Public Security Spokesperson for the state of Nuevo León, Jorge Domene Zambrano, today confirmed that at least 20 people were killed late last evening in an apparent drug-trafficking related attack at a nightclub in Monterrey, Nuevo León. It is reported that several people approached the bar called Sabino Gordo in two vehicles around 11:00 PM, entered, and shot several bystanders with high-powered weapons. The number of deaths at the scene first reported varied, but Zambrano stated 16 people were killed instantly and four others died later after being taken to a local university hospital.

Zambrano also stated the Sabino Gordo is a known location for buying and selling drugs and is apparently controlled by a drug cartel. The incident, he said, is most likely an attack against a rival drug-trafficking gang. It was not reported which crime organizations were suspected of being involved in what is being called a turf war, however, the Gulf cartel and Zetas cartel have been fighting for control of the drug trade in Monterrey for several years. Federal police and the Mexican army were at the crime scene early Saturday morning, and the Director of Communication for the Federal Police (Director de Comunicación de la Policía Federal), José Ramón Salinas, cited the “high-powered weapons used” in the incident meant it could have been related to a “drug cartel confrontation,” as reported by Al-Jazeera English.

Of the 20 victims, 18 were employees of the bar. In his press conference at the Governmental Palace, Zambrano stated the staff was directly targeted. Police are now searching for the owners and managers of the establishment, as well as a person identified as “El Botellero”. “El Botellero” is assumed to be the main point of contact for drug sales at the Sabino Gordo, specifically the sale of cocaine.


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