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13 tons of marijuana seized in Jalisco

On Monday, General Genaro Fausto Lozano Espinosa, reported the seizure of 13 tons of marijuana in the state of Jalisco, which according to the news article by Milenio is the most important seizure in recent years in that state. In an interview he added that the seizure was made possible thanks to an anonymous citizen complaint about there being drugs in a warehouse, they were able to investigate and locate the warehouse on the way to the town of San Isidro Mazatepec, about three miles from a gas station in Tlajomulco de Zúñiga.

He noted that in the presumed drug collection center they found four trucks and two trailer boxes that were loaded and conditioned to transport the drugs. Additionally, one individual by the name Sergio Mejía Rauda was detained and in distinct parts of the warehouse, there were more packages of marijuana totaling 2,060, with an approximate weight of 13 tones.

According to Milenio he thanked the citizens for their high level of trust in the Armed Forces, because of them they are able to achieve good results, pointing out that “about seven in ten important seizures are due to citizen complaints, that is a high percentage, which is very important, since it is everyone’s commitment to fight delinquency.”


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