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Mexican Armada seizes 640 kilograms of cocaine

On Monday, the Mexican Secretary of the Navy (Secretaría de Marina) reported that the Navy stopped three Ecuadorians that were transporting 640 kilograms of cocaine in international water at an embarkation off the coast of Acapulco. Captured were Pablo Baldomero Reyes Martínez, Sixto Domingo Sedeño Pincay, and Wilter Fredy Mejía Panezo after having sailed from the Ecuadorian locality of Jama. They were handed over to federal prosecutors while the seized drugs were transported to a Mexican Navy facility.

According to the Government press release the presumed narco-traffickers were sailing in a GO-FAST boat at 425 nautical miles (768 kilometers) from the port of Acapulco, Guerrero. Mexican authorities were notified by “diverse international organisms” of a boat engaging in suspicious activities after which the Mexican Army sent an Oceanic Patrol and Maritime Patrol Aircraft to undertake the search and inspection of the vessel. After two days of operation they intercepted the ship named “Claudia” with no registration or nationality.


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