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Violence escalates in Chihuahua

One day after the murder of the mayor of Namiquipa, Héctor Ariel Meixueiro Muñoz, an additional 10 murders have been recorded (in unrelated cases) in the capital of the state, Ciudad Juarez, General Frias, and Camargo.

Eduardo Esparza, a spokesman for the State Attorney, reported that on Tuesday night two elements of the ministerial police were shot and that they had been attacked with more than 120 shots from fire arms measuring  223, 308 and 50 millimeters. 

Gustavo Cordova, regional director of the Colegio de la Frontera Norte, said that tolerance and silence on the part of state government and the population led to the growth of a network of organized crime that is out of control. 

He noted that the assassination of the leader of the Mormon community, Benjamin Le Baron, his brother, Louis Whitman, as well as the Mayor of Namiquipa Hector Muñoz Ariel Meixueiro, are evidence that there is a parallel power which speaks of “you” to the government . 


Escala violencia en ChihuahuaReforma July 16, 2009.

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