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There was a second survivor in the recent massacre of 72 people in Tamaulipas

09/02/10 – This Tuesday evening, Ecuador’s president, Rafael Correa, revealed that there was a second survivor from the recent killings of 72 immigrants in México in the state of Tamaulipas. The surviving immigrant originated from Honduras and is reported to have been assisting investigators in identifying the many of the dead. Correa’s revelation prompted the government of Honduras to grudgingly acknowledge the survivor’s existence.

The chancellor of Honduras, Mario Canahuati, revealed his government’s disapproval of Correa’s announcement in the following statement, “We regret the irresponsibility of how this story was handled, mainly because a high dignitary should realize when to speak, when to be cautious, and when his words threaten the lives of people.”

It was reported that only senior officials of multiple countries knew of the second survivor.  “We have had the information from the beginning,” Canahuati said, “We have been doing everything we possibly can to protect him and [maintain] constant communication with him.”

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores) and the Attorney General of México (Pocuraduría General de la República) were prompted to also acknowledge the existence of the second survivor following Correa’s ousting of confidential information.

Despite the survivor’s legal status in México, efforts have been made to ensure that the survivor stays in the country as the investigation of the massacre continues. Various officials have stated that the individual’s safety has been of high priority.


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