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State Government of Tamaulipas considers cancelling festivals due to violence

09/02/10 – As a byproduct of heighted recent violence, the State government of Tamaulipas is considering implementing the cancellation of various Independence Day festivities.

In conjunction with the Bicentennial of Mexico, the celebration of the country’s independence (commonly referred to as El Grito de Independencia) has taken on a particularly heighted sense of importance. Characterized, however, with a history of patriotic acts (actos patrios), city officials are highly emphasizing the necessity to avoid any possibility of violence. As confirmed by Secretary of Sate Hugo Andrés Araujo de la Torre, of the 43 city mayor’s that are considering altering festivities, none have currently cancelled celebratory plans.

On a national level, the Federal government has remained relatively hands-off by allowing individual States to create their own framework and guidelines for regulating Independence Day events.


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09/09/10- Although speculation has surrounded the possibility of cancelling Independence Day festivities, this morning Federico Shaffler, Secretary of Human Development and Society, (Secretario de Desarrollo Humano y de la Sociedad) formally announced the sequence of upcoming holiday events; celebrating the Bicentennial of Independence and the Centennial of the Revolution will proceed.


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