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The home of an executive of Grupo Braca de Comunicación is attacked

The residence of Jorge López Flores, executive vice-president of the publishing company Grupo Braca, was attacked by an unknown group of men on Tuesday. A grenade was thrown into the home and prompted neighbors to call for help. Fortunately, the grenade failed to detonate and injured no one. Witnesses say that the attackers were traveling in a white truck and that there were at least three men inside of it.

Local residents claim that a written message was left in the area surrounding the home, but police officials took it down and denied there ever being a message. The president of Grupo Braca, Miguel Ángel Bracamontes Baz, claimed that this is the first attack since initial threats were made to certain areas of the company. He also denied allegations that his publishing company has close ties with crime organizations; he believes that the threats and recent attack are backlash from recent publications regarding corruption between local government and drug cartels.

Grupo Braca de Comunicación is a publishing company that controls national and local newspapers as well as radio stations. Newspapers published by Grupo Braca include Diario de México and Diario de Morelos.


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