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Seven are killed in one night in Jalisco

08/16/10 – Seven people were killed Sunday night in Yahualica de González Gallo, Jalisco. The killings first occurred at around 11:00pm local time. The identities of either of the dead are still not know; although suspected, it is unclear if the deaths are related to one another.

The first two bodies were found in a car left abandoned near the road of Yahualica-Mexticacán. It is believed that the men were kidnapped in Zacatecas and brought to Jalisco. Both bodies were found charred and handcuffed in the backseat.

Three more bodies were found near a white Ford truck that had crashed into a building after being shot at in the colony Preparatoria al cruce de Pelícano y Cóndor in Yahualica. Elsewhere in the city, another body, riddled with bullets, was found lying next to a truck. The final victim was also killed by gunfire while driving; several vehicles nearby were damaged in the attack.

Authorities believe that all of the victims were killed by the same armed group that kidnapped and brought the first two men from Zacatecas. The whereabouts of the aggressors are still unknown despite an extensive search operation that took place.


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