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“Secure Nuevo León” Extended In Light Of Positive Statistics

05/11/12- On Thursday, May 10, 2012, Mexican Secretary of the Interior (Secretaría del Gobierno, Segob) Alejandro Poiré signed a convention with the government of the state of Nuevo León to extend the existing plan entitled “Secure Nuevo León” (Seguro Nuevo León). The convention stipulates that federal forces will remain in Nuevo León at least until November 30 of this year. During the ceremony, Poiré addressed the successes of the original implementation of the plan.

According to the undersecretary of the Interior, Obdulio Ávila, since the introduction of federal forces in the state, instances of kidnapping have decreased 42.8%, violent theft has decreased 72.5%, burglary has decreased 48.24%, pick-pocketing has decreased 72.74%, and homicide has fallen about 11%. Segob also mentioned that, “There are other crime statistics that are decreasing as well; maybe not how quickly we would like, but there is an encouraging trend. It is precisely for this reason that we need to renew our efforts to diminish criminal statistics, and to accelerate the transformation of institutions.”

Alejandra Sota, spokeswoman for the president, stated that the extension of this convention (Secure Nuevo León) seeks to combat crime and avoid an increase in criminal activity in the state. She mentioned that federal forces would remain in Nuevo León until local institutions are adequately reinforced and until the state government has sufficient control of the resources that the federal government allocates to the state. Later she explained, “Rivalry between groups has brought difficult times to Nuevo León, but we are certain that if reinforce our efforts together, we will be able to construct our aspired Nuevo León.”

The decision to extend the plan comes at the heels of the federal government’s efforts to reinforce security measures in the states of Morelos and Tamaulipas.


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