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One of the most sought after members of the Familia Michoacana cartel captured

FOTO: El Provenir

12/07/10 – The Mexican Federal Police (Policía Federal) announced the capture of José Arcos Martínez, alias “Toñón,” one of the most wanted members of the Familia Michoacana cartel, for which the Federal Prosecutors office (Fiscalía Federal) offered a reward of 3 million pesos. The Secretariat of Pubic Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública – SSP) indicated in a communication that Martínez was one of the most sought after criminals in the country and served as the head of plaza Apatzingán in charge of drug trafficking.

The SSP also reported that Martínez worked under the direct orders of José de Jesús Méndez, alias “El Chango Méndez”, one of the principal leaders of the Familia Michoacana. They also noted that up until his arrest Martínez had direct links with Jorge Luis Valencia Arzate, alias “El Chucky”, who serves as the head of the Morelia plaza. Martínez was detained Tuesday in Morelia, the capital of Michoacán.



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