Oral Adversarial Skill-Building Immersion Seminar
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Addressing themes of oral, adversarial procedure, judicial reform, and law school capacity building.

The OASIS program assists in Mexico’s transition to a new oral, adversarial and accusatory criminal justice system. The program includes skill-building workshops in Mexico City, and advanced seminars in different cities in the United States

OASIS offers three 40-hour skill-building workshops in Mexico City for the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, UNAM) faculty and students

OASIS offers an international symposium at UNAM with leading experts from Mexico, the United States and other countries.

OASIS includes three 40-hour advanced seminars in different U.S. cities, such as San Diego, Boston, and Washington, D.C.

Skill-Building Workshops

Professional trainings to UNAM faculty and students


Introduction seminar
  • 80 UNAM participants
  • 2 weeks
  • 40 instructional hours


Introduction seminar
  • 80 UNAM participants
  • 2 weeks
  • 40 instructional hours


Introduction seminar
  • 80 UNAM participants
  • 2 weeks
  • 40 instructional hours

International Seminars

OASIS offers three advanced seminars for UNAM’s best graded participants* during the workshops to visit three different U.S. cities:

Washington, D.C.

15 to 26 of Jun

The two-week advanced seminar to provide an opportunity for 10-12 UNAM participants to engage in further training, sight visits, and exchanges. The focus of this trip would be to reinforce the appreciation of UNAM participants for the theory and practice of oral, adversarial, and accusatorial criminal justice systems.


6 to 17 of July

The two-week advanced seminar in Boston will provide an opportunity for 10-12 different UNAM participants to engage in further training, site visits, and exchanges. This seminar will have a special emphasis on the role of law schools in shaping the profession and advancing judicial system reform.

San Diego

27 of July to 7 of August

The two-week advanced seminar in San Diego would provide an opportunity to 10-12 different participants for deeper immersion and experiential learning at the host institution. Proximity to Baja California, will provide opportunities to visit and gain an appreciation for the progress of judicial reform efforts in at the state level.


Skill-Building Workshops

  1. Introduction to adversarial trials

  2. Feedback and criticism

  3. Theory of the case

  4. Opening statement

  5. Direct examination

  6. Use and introduction of exhibits and common objections

  7. Cross examination

  8. Closing arguments

  9. Oral trial general review

  10. Oral trial practice seminar: mock trial

  11. Trainig the trainers

  12. Effective presentation

  13. Common problems

  14. Preparing teaching materials

  15. Legal ethics


Trainers and experts

Octavio Rodriguez

David Shirk

Program director

Octavio Rodriguez

Octavio Rodriguez

Program Coordinator

Janice Deaton

Janice Deaton

Lead Trainer

OASIS will select instructors from a pool of various certified bilingual law professionals to train practicing attorneys and judges who are participants in the professional training program, as well as several prominent jurists and legal experts from Mexico, including:

Albert Amado

Rachel Carey

Celeste Higgins

Jesus Romero

Alex Navidad

Carlos Varela

Iker Ibarreche

Gabriela Ortiz

Michael Mandig

Jorge Arturo Gutiérrez

Juan García de Acevedo

Antony Da Silva

Peter Mitchell