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National Commission on Human Rights Works to Protect Children Working in Mexico

Child Labor in Mexico. (Photo Credit: El Universal)

03/28/11— The National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR) stated that there are over three million children under the age of 14 working in Mexico. Of these three million engaged in child labor, it is estimated that 42% work in agriculture while 22% work commercially. The NCHR said that in most cases children are facing harsh economic conditions that encourage them to leave school in order to work, which damages their personal and emotional development. These children are often overwhelmed by their needs for food, clothing, and education and feel they must help to bring in some income for their families, the NCHR stated. Additionally, youth involved in child labor often suffer from having their human rights violated. Such violations include a lack of protection for their health and integrity, as well as discrimination, exclusion, marginalization, and violence.

In order to combat these abuses towards working minors, the NHRC has initiated a nationwide campaign entitled, “It’s Not Worth the Little Hand!” The campaign aims to inform children of their rights and duties in the Mexican Republic and is achieved through seminars, forums, and roundtables, as well as distributed leaflets and booklets.

The Senate has also taken measures to better protect all citizens’ human rights by approving amendments to Article 48 of the Law of the National Commission on Human Rights. This Article now allows victims of human rights violations to provide evidence before the NHRC. The term “disability” has also replaced the previous expression, “different abilities,” in the first article of the Constitution for the law.


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