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Mexican Police Officers Are Investigated After Death of Police Chief

(Photo Credit: AP, Francisco Vega)

06/29/11 – Seven police officers from Santa Catarina, Nuevo León are currently being investigated after the death of police chief Germán Pérez. Authorities reported that two vehicles containing about a dozen gunmen total arrived at the Santa Catarina station on Monday afternoon, stormed their way into Pérez’s office, and shot him to death.  Nuevo León State Security Spokesman Jorge Domene Zambrano reported that the officers under investigation allegedly made no effort to stop Pérez from being killed in the attack.  As a result, the gunmen were able to quickly escape from the scene.  Federal officers have been brought in to investigate the incident.

According to EFE, Pérez assumed the position of police chief almost one year ago after his predecessor resigned “due to threats and after being targeted in an attack by suspected drug cartel hit men.” Santa Catarina is a suburb of Monterrey, Nuevo León, which is one of Mexico’s wealthiest and most populous cities. While it has recently experienced an increase in violence and drug-related crime, it is still unclear if drug cartel members were behind this most recent murder.


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