Crime and Violence

Mexican federal police officers protest and accuse a fellow commander of being corrupt

08/09/10 – A protest  by Mexican members of the federal police in Ciudad Juárez turned into a riot when two opposing groups from the department clashed. The protest first began on Thursday when an officer was arrested and, according to critics, falsely accused. Commander Salomon Alarcon Olvera was accused of firing and arresting the police officer after being criticized by him. On Saturday, the federal police officers took to the streets outside of the La Playa hotel where some federal police offices are located. Supporters of Alarcon pushed back the nearly 200 police officers demanding for the Mexican military to investigate Alarcon’s actions and possible connections to drug cartels. He is also accused of participating in kidnappings, killings, and extortion.

The pushing and shoving turned into a violent confrontation that resulted in police officers fighting amongst themselves. Some officers were injured while participating in the riot. The Ministry of Public Security announced Saturday that four commanders were suspended and investigated for misconduct; it was not specified if Alarcon was one of the four individuals.


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