Justice in Mexico

March 2010 news report

For a more in-depth look and follow up on many of the stories that appear on the blog and other news in Mexico, check out the Justice in Mexico Project’s full monthly report for March 2010.

Some highlights include:

*  Cartel violence up significantly for the first quarter of 2010, and three people linked to the U.S. consulate were killed in Ciudad Juarez

*  Secretary Hillary Clinton led a high level U.S. delegation to meet with officials in Mexico City to discuss the future of the Mérida Initiative

*  Global Integrity report ranks Mexico high in public access to information, low in government accountability

*  Supreme Court limits powers of human rights commissions to issue recommendations and request information, and Human Rights Watch details Mexican military’s violations to the United Nations

Also, as always, our monthly reports, as well as our latest drug violence maps, are available on our project website (www.justiceinmexico.org).

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