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02/08/2011— According to the United Nations’ Global Initiative to Fight Human Trafficking (GIFT), there is an estimated 2.5 million people who are in forced labour at any given time as a result of trafficking, and of this 250,000 of them are from Latin America and the Caribbean. In an effort to prevent and lower this number, the Committee on Constitutional Issues of the House of Representatives has proposed an amendment to article 73 of the Constitution, which would  make human trafficking a felony. The proposal would also force state governments and the Federal District to enforce this law.

In order for the bill to take effect, it must be fully constituted in San Lazaro, the Senate, and most of the thirty-one state legislatures. Norberto Sanchez Nazario, the commission secretary, as well as the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD) have expressed a support for the amendment change and have high hopes for the change it will bring, if passed.


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