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02/09/2011— In the colony of Las Palomas, some residents have started to take notice that a few police have been strategically placed in situations where they are aiding organized crime groups. Locals are starting to speak out about their frustrations with the tactics the some police have been known to use such as robbery, using their uniforms and status as a cop to get what they want, and threatening to arrest for anything. Jaime a local from the area, has accused the police of protecting organized crime groups, in one such instance he discusses how for several months residents realized there were criminals living in their neighborhoods, which he says were “accidentally” not patrolled by police forces. He even goes as far as to question if the police are protecting the criminals. Jaime also points out that the police have been known to use their status to partake in criminal activities because they know no one can stop them.  Jaime’s information along with statistics from the Attorney General of the State of Mexico(PGJEM), the amount of robberies that took place in Las Palomas was almost triple the state rate of robberies, which shows there is a real problem here.


Redaccion. ” Queremos que la policia nos cuide, no que nos robe.” El Universal. 09, Febrero, 2011.

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