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Journalist Hugo Olivera Cartas found dead

Municipal police found the body of Michoacán journalist, Hugo Olivera Cartas, early this morning between the municipals of Tepalcatepec and Aguililla, in Michoacán. The body, which was inside a 2004 Ford Lobo vehicle, had three gunshot wounds and signs of having been tied up. Olivera Cartas went missing this Monday night at 21:00 hours after leaving the regional newspaper El Dia de Michoacán, based in Apatzingan where he was a publisher and from where he directed the news agency ADN.

Olivera was also a contributor to the news agency Quadratín and specialized in security issues. Family members told EFE that Olivera had never received threats. According to the online news source Cambio de Michoacán, four journalists have gone missing in Michoacán alone since 2003: José Antonio García Apac, director of Ecos de la Cuenca de Tepaltepec, disappeared November 20, 2006; Mauricio Estrada Zamora, reporter and photographer for La Opinión de Apatzingán; María Esther Aguilar, Cambio de Michoacán newspaper correspondent, disappeared November 11, 2009; and Ramón Ángeles Zalpa, Cambio de Michoacán newspaper correspondent, disappeared April 6, 2010.

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