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In Guadalajara a grenade severeley injures four including a 9 year-old boy

Around 1:30pm local time in Guadalajara, a grenade was thrown into a lathe workshop which injured four people, including a minor. According to eyewitnesses, two individuals exited a taxi cab and, upon approaching the workshop, threw the grenade. As of the time of this write-up, only one suspect is in custody. It is still unclear as to how many others, if any more, are behind the attack.

Juan Ramón Salazar Macías, 35 years old, and Brian Salazar Ledesma, 9 years old, are considered as being in grave condition and are receiving treatment for their injuries. The young boy is reported to have severe burns on his back and legs as well as shrapnel injuries.

The use of grenades by criminals is becoming increasingly common in news reports – as suggested in earlier postings – and has had a significant presence in attacks occurring in the last week. Earlier reports indicate that the amount of grenades confiscated in the last three years has increased by more than 700%.


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