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Federal District seeks to apply local asset forfeiture laws nationwide

The government of the Federal District (DF) will seek to seize assets and properties located in any state of the nation if they are deemed to be used for criminal activities in the capital, or the product of such crimes. The announcement came from Leticia Bonifaz, judicial council for the DF government.

Since under law such assets are forfeited to the government agency ordering them, such measures by the D.F. would likely lead to legal battles with other states over seized properties, as federal judicial councils have pointed out.

Since the law went into effect on March 25 of this year, the DF government has initiated four asset forfeiture proceedings, one against a suspected kidnapping band, two related to charges of human trafficking, and another related to auto theft charges. The bill also seeks to establish a public reporting system that would allow citizens to register reports of alleged criminal activities that would then be entered into a database for future investigation.

From the Justice in Mexico Project’s Monthly News Report: May



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