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“El Gato,” a presumed leader of the cartel organization “La Familia Michoacana,” captured

Last week, the Federal Police (Policía Federal) captured Hilario López Morales, alias “El Gato”, identified as one of the principal operators of the drug cartel “La Familia Michoacana.” Along with “El Gato” four other individuals were captured in a hotel in Mexico City.

It is believed that Lopez Morale, the presumed leader for “La Familia” in the municipality of Zitácuaro, Michoacán, traveled to Mexico City in order to negotiate the protection of various police units in the Federal District.

Amongst those detained are Sergio Pérez or Giovanni Veloz Rivera, alias “El Toques;” Ricardo González López, “El Lupillo;” Ricardo Sandoval Merino, “El Richard,” and Nereida González Cruz. According to the federal Secretariat of Public Security (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública – SSP) Pérez Páez is presumed to be the one responsible for  contacting police authorities in Mexico City  and offering them protection in order to freely carryout criminal acts. He is also accused of stealing vehicles and then turning them around to members of “La Familia.”

González López, nephew to López Morales, was identified as the one responsible for providing him security inside and outside the state of Michoacan, while Nereida González Cruz is believed to be “El Gato’s” partner.

Seized were six firearms, five long and one short, one fragmentation grenade, a container with 500 grams of the drug known as meth, a car and a van.


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