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President Felipe Calderón initiates “Blue Heart Campaign” against human trafficking

Last week President Felipe Calderón initiated the “Blue Heart Campaign, Mexico against human trafficking” (Campaña Corazón Azul, México contra la trata de personas), along with the United Nations, seeking to create awareness in order to stop the inhumane practices that convert people into merchandise. He stressed the importance of ensuring the freedom of people, urging a halt to stories of sufferings by thousands of people that arise in human trafficking.

He thanked the United Nations for the impulse and affirmed that Mexico has joined the cause in the interest of ensuring that freedom is a common denominator in a practice that violates the most essential of human beings. Calderón also said that human trafficking has hurt society as whole, especially children and women who are subjected to degrading labor, emphasizing the need for urgent decisive action in order to stop these inhumane practices.

In July 2009 members of the Interdepartmental Commission to Prevent and Punish Trafficking of Persons (Comisión Intersecretarial para Prevenir y Sancionar la Trata de Personas ) unanimously approved the proposal by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) for Mexico to be the launch site of the “Blue Heart Campaign,” in Latin America.

Calderón clarified that the main objective of this campaign is to raise awareness among the populace and to mobilize governments, civil society, private sectors, and ultimately, each person in the fight against trafficking. Also noted was that the campaign would set in motion a process to inform society about the characteristics, patterns, and impact of such crimes in order to generate the civic culture of denunciation.



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