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‘El Compayito’ Arrested Despite Alleged Police Violations

The leader of La Mano con Ojos, El Compayito, was arrested on August 11. Credit:

08/13/11 – On Thursday, August 11, authorities in the State of Mexico (Edomex) announced the capture of Óscar Osvaldo García Montoya, alias “El Compayito,” an alleged leader of a splinter group called La Mano con Ojos (“Hand with Eyes”) that broke from the Beltrán Leyva Cartel. García Montoya was detained in Tlalpan, a neighborhood in southern Mexico City where his organization is thought to mainly operate. He had been one of the most sought after criminals in Mexico, given his direct involvement in over 900 murders, 300 of which he committed and 600 of which he ordered. El Compayito has also admitted to being a large distributor of illicit drugs in central Mexico City. Following his arrest, Mexico State’s Attorney General Alfredo Castillo Cervantes noted that his capture alone would decrease violence in area.

As reported in, García Montoya got his start as a member in the Mexican Navy, where he also received training from los Kaibiles, an elite unit in the Guatemalan military that allegedly ‘taught him to kill,’ said Castillo. After the military, El Compayito worked for the Baja California Ministerial Police force and later the Sinaloan municipal police. From there, he made the transition into narco-trafficking and organized crime by joining the Beltrán Leyva cartel and later creating his own group, La Mano con Ojos. His organization has become known for its brutality and violence, often decapitating its victims.

Despite the arrest, the operation leading up to García Montoya’s capture is being investigated after allegations surfaced of police involvement in violations of human rights. The police are accused of abruptly breaking and entering into a number of houses when searching for El Compayito, including the home of prominent poet Efraín Bartolomé, who also reported that the police robbed him of personal belongings including a computer and an antique watch. President Felipe Calderón condemned the actions of state authorities via his twitter account. For his part, Attorney General Castillo stated, “Mexican citizens should not be subject to these situations; the reports shall be investigated and whoever is responsible will be punished.”  The investigation into the allegations is ongoing.


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