Justice in Mexico

Eight are killed by Molotov cocktails in Cancún

08/31/10 – Eight people, six women and two men, were killed early Tuesday morning when an armed group attacked a bar located within a small inn known as Castillo del Mar in Cancún, Quintana Roo. It was reported that at least six individuals threw Molotov cocktails from the inside of two large SUV’s as they drove past the bar.

Most of the employees and customers were able to escape, but those that didn’t were killed from asphyxiation and severe burns. Six died at the bar meanwhile the other two passed away after being checked in at the local hospital.

The attorney general of Quintana Roo, Francisco Alor Quezada, stated that local crime groups have attempted to extort the owners Castillo del Mar numerous times but were denied on each occasion.


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