Justice in Mexico

Cartel Leader El Gato is Detained

02/01/11 – Federal police have detained Miguel Gomez Vasquez, better known by the alias El Gato, who is the leader of the “Cartel Independiente de Acapulco” (CIDA) which is known for its use of extreme violence.  Gomez Vasquez is suspected of being responsible for the murders of 20 Michoacán tourists who disappeared in late September of 2010.  About a month after the kidnappings, 18 of those bodies were dug up in a hidden grave at the Tuncingo cemetery in Acapulco.  Gomez Vasquez is also suspected to be behind the sudden appearance of decapitated bodies in Plaza Sendero at the beginning of January.

Police confiscated many items found in his possession including an AK-47, multiple gun cartridges, marijuana, cocaine, and a dark red Chrysler Stratus without license plates.  The “Agente del Ministerio Público de la Federación” (deputy Agent of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office) will continue the investigation and determine the legal charges that Gomez Vasquez will be facing.  


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