Justice in Mexico

Brother of “El Coyote,” an associate of “La Barbie,” is arrested

09/09/10- Jorge Alberto González Escorcia, the brother of infamous “El Coyote” Mauro González Escorcia, was detained by the army Wednesday in Morelos.

According to Military Zone 24 (la 24 Zona Militar), González Escorcia was arrested for the possession of weapons, including an AK47 rifle and 25 cartridges for the same weapon along with its charger, and drugs, including one kilogram of marijuana and psychotropic pills, at his home in Zacatepec. Of particular relevance to his arrest is his association with “La Barbie,” whom was recently arrested with charges relating to large scale drug trafficking and involvement with the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel.


Monroy, David. “Cae hermano de El Coyote, colaborador de La Barbie en Morelos.” Milenio.com. 09 Septiembre, 2010.

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