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A priest in Oaxaca is murdered inside his own church

Catholic priest Carlos Salvador Wotto was murdered inside his church, Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, in central Oaxaca. Churchgoers first discovered the body Wednesday evening when they went searching for him after he had not shown up to deliver the 6:00pm mass.

He was found in the office area of the church with his hands and feet tied together. A plastic bag had also been placed over his head. He had been stabbed multiple times in different areas of his body.  A member of the church had visited Wotto sometime after 5:00pm to give him a gift, but he responded by simply asking the member to leave it outside his office.

Wotto was 83 years old and had been with the local parish for the last eight years. The spokesperson for the archdiocese of Oaxaca-Antequerason condemned the killing and claimed that the attack is a product of the “social breakdown” currently taking place that “only seeks to satisfy an economic need.”


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