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9,758 Migrants Kidnapped in Six Months

At least 9,758 undocumented migrants from Central American countries like El Salvador and Honduras have been kidnapped in Mexico in the last six months, according to the National Commission on Human Rights (NCHR), introducing a special report on abduction cases against migrants

The national ombudsman, Jose Luis Soberanes, said that 198 cases of kidnapping were reported during this period, some with many victims, ie 33 events per month, more than one a day. He said that an average of 2,500 USD is requested in each case as ransom for the release of the undocumented migrant- the price rises as high as 5 thousand dollars: “So, the hijackers would have earned a profit of approximately $ 25 million.”

The head of the Commission stated that it has been determined that corruption and impunity under which organized crime gangs operate has been with complicity of migrant government authorities. He stressed that the states where there are more kidnappings are Veracruz and Tabasco.

The report indicates that of the 157 abducted women, four of them were pregnant, two were killed, some raped and one was taken as the “woman” for a captor. It was reported that 59 children were also kidnapped.

It was determined that 5,723 migrants were abducted by polleros 3,000 from various bands of kidnappers, without specific identification, 427 by kidnappers who claimed to be zetas and 44 by gangs.
Mauricio Farah Gebara, fifth inspector general, said tha testimonies by the migrants, made it possible to determine the involvement of the criminal group Los Zetas in several kidnappings of several groups who were victims.

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