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196 Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Durango

05/09/11 – Numerous mass graves have recently been discovered in the northern Mexican state of Durango where 196 bodies have been confirmed found. The majority of the bodies were found the past few weeks, but on May 12, 8 decapitated bodies were discovered in a small town outside the city of Durango, which continued to increase the total body count. These graves were similar to those found last month in the state of Tamaulipas where almost 200 bodies were discovered.

The first grave found in Durango was on April 11 and various graves have since been discovered in the area. Some of the first ones found were in the towns of Vicente Suárez and Santiago Papasquiaro, in which military personnel were brought in to dig up the bodies that were in an advanced state of decomposition. According to Inquirer.net, the attorney general’s office stated that it is estimated that they have been buried in these graves for at least a year. The state of the cadavers has prevented them from being recognizable or identifiable meaning that DNA testing is the only means by which the identities can be determined.

On May 9, 11 more bodies were found in a hidden grave in Buenavista del Cobre, 10 of which were male.

For more information on the graves found in Tamaulipas last month, click here.


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