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Mexico Kicks Off National Operation Against Crime

Federal District Head of Government Marcelo Ebrard announces the National Specific Operation Against Crime. Source: Milenio

06/13/11 – The National Specific Operation Against Crime (Operativo Nacional Específico en Contra de la Delincuencia) begins Monday in Mexico as a nation-wide effort to fight crimes like kidnapping, car theft, and robbery, amongst other common offenses. Also known as Operation Conago-1, the plan will employ federal, state, and municipal authorities on its first major attempt to work together against crime. The current Head of Government in the Federal District, Marcelo Ebrard, announced the operation today, adding that it is the “strongest effort states have made in such a collective, parallel, permanent, and coordinated manner.”

The National Conference of Governors (Conferencia Nacional de Gobernadores, Conago) approved the effort, which will be implemented in all 32 of Mexico’s entities and will involve more than 300,000 law enforcement officers. The plan is projected to conclude June 19 and aims at executing orders of apprehension regardless of the state of its issuance, detect illegal weaponry, and reduce instances of kidnapping and theft. Conago will announce the results of the week-long operation on June 20, reports El Universal.


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