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Jalisco’s webpage rated number one in transparency

The Jalisco government portal obtained first place at a national level amongst the state administered internet sites in a transparency evaluation done by the Política Digital. The analysis included seven components: trust, value of the information, continuous improvement, accountability, transparency qualification of internal dependencies, search system and classification of the information, and standardization.

Variables such as formats for evaluating the logic of the site, the navigation keys, the balance between images and texts, links to social networks and the errors in the league, among other features we used.

“The study reflects a small advance in the digital transparency of the state governments,” signaled the publication of the group Nexos.

The classification given to Jalisco was 78.18 on a scale of 100, while the overall average was 49.55 points. Seventeen states (53.1%) find themselves above the total average. In last place was Baja California Sur. In accordance to the level of maturity Politica Digital found that three portals (9.3%) find themselves at the Basic Portal stage  of Transparency; twelve sites (37.5%) are at the Development stage; and fourteen sites (43.7%) are at the Advances Portals or Transparency stage.

According to authorities advances exist in the information systems that account for actions by authorities in Jalisco and this year the number of people visiting the site for government reports increased. During the first quarter of the year 9,327 people consulted the site, in which there are digital versions of quarter and annual government reports headed by Emilio González Márquez. There are also reports for the municipalities of Jalisco and federal reports. During the same period in 2009, the site had 8,345 visitors representing a 10% increase this year. The site also has a interactive map of Public Investment by Municipality (Inversión Pública por Municipio), the only one of its kind in the entire country.


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