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Federal Intervention in Veracruz Prison

Elements of the Mexican Army and federal police took the “Ignacio Allende” prison in the port of Veracruz, they made a requisition and took an undetermined number of inmates and transferred them to other prisons.

The operation of military and federal forces began last midnight and ended Tuesday morning with the transfer of convicts aboard city bus service,.

On board tanks, vehicles, artillery and troop trucks, the soldiers entered the prison, where about a thousand prisoners accused of drug trafficking, murder, human trafficking and to simple robbery or domestic violence are housed.

While military personnel were inside the prison (one of the oldest of the 19 prisons in Veracruz), Federal Police officers blocked the movement of at least four streets surrounding it.

Although there was no official version, it was noted that at the conclusion of the takeover of the prison, an unspecified number of prisoners were taken out of correctional facilities and taken to other prisons.

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  1. I was in prison in vera cruz in 1982.
    can somebody tell me more about that place you almost find nothin about that place in the internet.


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