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‘El Gil’, one of the principal collaborators of Teodoro García Simental (El Teo), was arrested


‘El Gil’, one of the principal collaborators of Teodoro García Simental (El Teo), was detained this morning due to intelligence provided by the Special Intervention Group of the Preventive State Police force (PEP). He was arriving at his home in the district of La Moderna of Ensenada, where he had fled after escaping from Tijuana

The detained used to be a Tijuana Municipal Police Officer and has been involved in various crimes such as kidnapping, homicide, and score-settling, amongst other activities. It is also believed that ‘El Gil’ was part of a command that attempted to assassinate the local Public Security Secretary, Julián Leyzaola Pérez, in October but failed. Sánchez Guerrero had at his command more than ten cells of the criminal organization of ‘El Teo’ and his capture is seen as a serious blow to the structure of organized crime units that operated under ‘El Teo’.

The State Secretary of Public Security, Daniel De la Rosa Anaya, confirmed the capture of Gilberto Sánchez Guerrero in a press conference. He reported that this dangerous delinquent was captured around 7:00 hours this Tuesday. He was in possession of a 38 mm firearm, three chargers, 58 cartridges, a bulletproof vest, and a 2003 Ford Expedition. De la Rosa Anaya also mentioned that Sánchez counted on a hierarchical position similar to that of already detained Filiberto Parra Ramos “La Perra”.


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