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12 executed, “El Pepino” amongst them

Last Tuesday, State Police found the bodies of twelve individuals who were executed in what they believe to be a confrontation between narco-traffickers, in the municipality of Xalisco. The State Attorney General’s Office of Nayarit confirmed that Jose Luis Estrada, aka “El Pepino,” presumed leader of a drug cell in that state was amongst those who were executed.

Eight of the victims were found burnt in the trunk or a truck; three more were located underneath another truck a couple of meters away from the first, with gunshot wounds; the last body was found near a separate vehicle 600 meters away. Both vehicles, according to La Cronica, were consumed by fire. The confrontation occurred in the towns of La Curva and Jose De Costilla in the municipality of Xalisco.

According to authorities, a woman and her body guards, as well as El Pepino’s father, were amongst the dead. The forensic medical examiner has thus far identified five of the bodies. The body of Luis was identified by his wife “without fear of making a mistake.”


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