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National Operation Against Crime Leads to Many Arrests on its First Official Day

294 individuals were detained on the first day of Conago-1 (Photo Credit: Informador).

06/15/11 – The National Operation Against Crime (Operativo Nacional Específico en Contra de la Delincuencia) was officially launched June 13 and resulted in the arrest of 294 individuals on its first day, all of which were involved in common crimes.  This nationwide effort, also known as Conago-1, targets individuals who have committed crimes related to robbery and theft. Marcelo Ebrard, the head of the Federal District Government, reported that in addition to the arrests, 195 stolen vehicles were also recovered.  Most of these vehicles were stolen from one state and found in another.  Additionally, 38 warrants were issued for individuals involved in more severe crimes, such as home robberies and kidnappings.

In a press conference, Ebrard stated that “we are very optimistic that this operation will bring about favorable results to Mexican citizens.”  This operation, which is to last an entire week, will conclude on June 19.  For more information on the operation, click here.


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